The DMS School follows the National Curriculum of Pakistan for national exam classes to assist students in qualifying for the respective levels of academic achievement. The DMSS teachers places great importance in quality lesson delivery, ample opportunities for students to practice and implement their skills beyond knowledge and comprehension, deep into application and synthesis.

The DMS School K-12 curriculum includes – in addition to core Pre-School ‘subjects’ – English, Urdu, Mathematics, General Science, Computer Studies, Social Studies, Islamiat, Values Education, elective languages (if any), and Physical Education. Secondary high classes have branched-out subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Pakistan Studies besides prescribed/elected subjects as per the exam system.

Language subjects, especially Urdu and English, are based on effective practice and use of language, as well as intensive and extensive reading, writing, speaking and listening programs. Mathematics concepts are taught with real-life implementations and aided by technology. Science concepts are implemented during laboratory sessions to have students develop their sense of inquiry. Values education course showcases the set of moral and ethical values for students to be practised to make our society into a virtuous one. Sports and physical education activities not only develop physical abilities but also inculcate merits such as teamwork, fair play and perseverance which are just as important as expertise in academic subjects.