Academic Development

The DMS School values its teachers as the most important resource of its educational activities. That’s why, the DMSS places vital importance on the in-service training and the continuous professional development of its teachers by means of workshops and study sessions including seminars and conferences.

The DMS School’s academic support department crewed by subject specialists and master trainers plan and deliver periodical teacher training sessions to uphold teachers’ continuous professional development as a rewarding experience. The DMSS encourages teachers to take part in on-campus and external training programs to advance in their subject-matter know-how and forge networks with their colleagues to make their learning sustainable and enriched. No doubt, well-trained teachers educate well-equipped students with academic excellence and social confidence. The DMSS teachers do not only refresh their professional knowledge, but also improve in use of educational technology across the campus by means of INSET and CPD programs.

The DMS School’s INSET sessions are whole-session development efforts, during which school administrators – as instructional leaders – also have the opportunity to have a bird’s eye view on how different learning and teaching processes across the campus are perceived by respective teachers. Holding intensive discussions and addressing grievances, school leaders and teachers in general have the opportunity to avail INSET programs as providing quick and collaborative solutions to issues before they snowball.

Staff appraisals in the DMS School employs a transparent routine to supervise and ensure that teachers are at par with the institutional expectations in academic and social goals and targets.

The DMSS practices a constructive staff appraisal system which respects confidentiality while establishing a detailed dialogue between the appraisers and the appraised to align academic performance with institutional objectives. The DMS School makes sure that the appraised staff are effectively informed about the expectations from them, and channels of communication in case of problems or ambiguities.

Teachers at the DMSS receive regular feedback on their performance and have an opportunity to highlight their teacher training and continuous professional development needs.