Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities at the DMS School are multiple and rewarding. In addition to weekly functions, summer and winter schools organized by the DMS School provide enjoyable time spent in activities that develop students intellectually and physically. Providing various activities that join education and fun, the DMS School offers activities like indoor and outdoor sports, STEM activities, cooking and baking classes, charitable activities, quiz competitions, movie screenings, skill development courses, creativity and communication sessions, discussion circles, coding and robotics.

Social Clubs

The DMS School believes in the transformative effect of social and cultural clubs on academic and social development of students of all ages. Social and cultural clubs complement the DMSS’s curriculum and help inculcating self-discipline, creative expression of talents and skills, and engage in healthy interaction and cooperation.

Teachers who supervise clubs organize and manage events, select teams and assign members in collaboration with coordinator students and staff.

Social and cultural clubs at the DMSS include – but are not limited to – Sports Club, Drama Club, Calligraphy Club, Journalism Society, Debate Club, Language and Literature Club (English and Urdu Literary Societies), STEM Club, IT and Computer Club, all attended and supervised by professionals.


DMS School believes that physical health of our nation plays a key role in the progress and prosperity of our beloved Pakistan. Sports build good habits, confidence and discipline.

The DMS School provides a splendid environment in a safe environment. Indoor sports facilities include table-tennis, carom, and board games. Outdoor sports facilities have courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and soccer.