Values Education

DMS School believes in the essence of education put into practice in daily life by inculcating good manners and commendable conduct.

Value-based education constitutes one of the prime purposes of the DMS School. As Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) said, “The most perfect in his faith among the believers is the one has good manners”, good conduct evaluates the status of not only an individual rather it evaluates the quality of the whole social fabric. The DMS School is actively inspired by this notion of implementing value-based education to bring up generations with high moral values and outstanding social impact to compete with the world for Pakistan.

At the core of the DMS School’s vision of value-based education is the representation of values more than merely presenting as themes. This envisions enabling students to realize their full potential in a climate of mutual respect, love, reconciliation, and positive action to empower themselves with a trove of sustainable values for the bright future of Pakistan. While providing values education, the DMS School makes sure that learned values should be implemented in daily life personally; as a family, as a society, as a group of professionals, as a group of ethically or religiously motivated people, and so on.

Values to build positive character traits besides national and global consensus such as sincerity, empathy, austerity, saving, helpfulness, hard work, love, tolerance, time management, resource management, happiness, freedom, faith, unity, generosity, respect, honesty, compassion, humility, sense of responsibility, accountability, effective communication skills, self-discipline, peace, self-care, communal care, good manners, and similar others constitute the Values Education program of the DMS School.

Class teachers and subject teachers collaborate to expand the impact of the inculcation of values in and out of the classroom by incorporating them into lesson plans and thematic sessions.

Public sessions held after school hours also provide additional thematic orientation on values education as inspired from the Holy Qur’an, the Hadith, and the inspirational works of scholars.