Assessment and Evaluation

In the DMS School’s philosophy, assessment is complementary of teaching, which is meant for inculcating knowledge in students and transforming knowledge into practice.

The DMSS teachers assess and evaluate students’ classroom and examination performances by means of a variety of techniques in formative and summative manner. In addition to quizzes, worksheets, midterm and terminal tests and short projects to test the knowledge and comprehension of students, teachers observe students’ progress and prescribe customized individual and group assignments as well.

Pre-school learners are assessed informally through observation sheets and portfolios, while Class 1 to 12 students are assessed and evaluated through periodical quizzes, worksheets, project completion of which results are displayed in result cards or recognition certificates. SSC and HSSC exam classes are given periodical revision and simulated tests to have themselves prepare for the end-of-year exams. Students’ in-class performance and attendance have weight on final marks as well.