Junior Section

The DMS School uses diversified teaching methods and educational technology to educate young learners (aged 6-10) as citizens of the world with a deep-rooted national and international awareness. The DMSS discourages rote learning and encourages analytical thinking by means of providing an educational system at par with modern trends in education.

The DMS School places great importance to expand subject teaching with projects to have students implement their learning and make it sustainable. The DMSS educates its students to become creative thinkers who inquire, research and experience while taking initiatives to provide their own solutions to challenges in self-confidence.

Class I         6+
Class II        7+
Class III       8+
Class IV      9+
Class V       10+

Class teachers and subject teachers hold periodical meetings with students which help young learners notice themselves as the owners of their own learning. During such sessions, teachers and students explore various hobbies and skills, and form the foundation of student-centered education. Activities like reading sessions held in the first 15 minutes at the start of each school day help students hone their intensive reading skills, develop a liking for literature, and realize the benefits of book-reading in vocabulary building and developing imagination.