Middle School

The DMS School uses diversified teaching methods and educational technology to educate secondary school students (aged 11-13) as academically sound and ready for examination classes and as young individuals with a creative mindset, global outlook, and a deep-rooted national awareness. The DMSS discourages rote learning and encourages analytical thinking by means of providing a quality middle-school educational experience to its students, in a manner at par with modern trends in education.

The DMS School places great importance to expand subject teaching with projects to have students implement their learning and make it sustainable. The DMSS educates its students to become creative thinkers who inquire, research and experience while taking initiatives to provide their own solutions to challenges in self-confidence.

Class VI        11+
Class VII       12+
Class VIII      13+

Middle School education at the DMS School places students at the center to help them gain multiple viewpoints to their learning and explore their skills and hobbies. In this way, the DMS School does not only prepare them for examinations, but also for life by means of a system with social focus, project-based and skills-oriented.

While assessing and evaluating students’ academic and social performance, the DMS School makes sure to address whether students are ready to be able to overcome the challenges they will encounter in life by means of a constructive mindset and resolution, are able to express themselves effectively, can attain precise results by conducting able analyses, whether they have interests to enable them with sustaining their lives as effective members of their society and the socioeconomic world, the extent which they are able to understand complex situations and interpret results, and the extent they implement their learning at school into real life.