The DMS School paves a strong foundation for very young learners (ages 3-5) to build their social and academic learning. The Montessori-based early childhood education program at the DMSS nurtures children’s curiosity and has ample project-based activities in life sciences, languages, starter numeracy based on multiple intelligences and critical thinking.

Pre-Nursery        3+
Nursery               4+
Kindergarten      5+

Home-School collaboration and parent involvement activities make the pre-school program at the DMSS stronger for young children’s academic and social adaptation as well as development. Activities center on exploration, experimenting, fine arts, nature, higher-order thinking, numeracy assignments, life sciences/socialization through real-life tasks, functional use of language in and out of classroom, as well as self-awareness opportunities through programs held in celebration of learning. Class teachers and assistant teachers periodically assess and evaluate very young learners’ academic and social learning by means of observation forms, classwork and homework portfolios, preparatory skills for reading and writing, and individual assessments.

Parents are encouraged to visit the pre-school premises to be involved with their children’s learning. They are also invited to periodically-held parent-teacher conferences where the teachers share the academic and social development milestones with parents, inform parents about the forthcoming activities, receive feedback, and introduce parents to how learning and teaching processes take place in the School. In addition to these, parents are also informed by monthly academic and social information e-mails/printed materials, which are also available on e-school parent-information portal.