The DMS School students spend the summer in digital learning blended with fun.  Attending to the 11-module Microsoft digital learning certification program, the DMS School students will have an edge in using digital tools in their 21st century learning. The certification program starts after July 20, 2021 and is to take about two weeks to complete.

The modules in the certification program include:

(1) Empowering Young People to Take Action

(2) Beyond the Basics with Flipgrid

(3) Making Connections

(4) Engage and Amplify with Flipgrid

(5) Digital Storytelling with Microsoft Sway

(6) Building Global Citizens

(7) Digital Citizenship

(8) Terminology – What Do All These Words Mean?

(9) Learn: Hour of Code Web Version

(10) Windows 10 for Education

(11) How to Use Video and Animation Effects? PowerPoint




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